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Accountability Polygraph Services (APS) was established in 1993 and continues to provide all types of polygraph exams for clients throughout the state of Colorado.

Our examiners have the specialized training to provide periodic post conviction sex offender exams, which are required of all sex offenders undergoing treatment or probation in Colorado. All APS examiners are listed with the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board and the American Polygraph Association (APA).

We work with attorneys, therapists, counselors and private individuals to develop custom polygraph exams to suit any circumstance. Our examiners work closely with clients to create test questions that meet the exacting standards of the American Polygraph Association.

We have worked with APS on a number of occasions over the last 5 years and have appreciated the professionalism of their work for us as a polygraph testing contractor. We have also appreciated the fact that exam results are communicated promptly.

The examiners at Accountability Polygraph Services manage their examination sessions from a therapeutic perspective. Every client is treated with respect and professionalism that is unmatched in the industry. Please see our Privacy Policy that we adhere to with every single person that walks through our doors or calls our phone.

Accountability Polygraph Services places a high priority on adherence to the standards established by the American Polygraph Association and the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board for polygraph testing. Polygraph testing has been an established investigative tool for many years. In recent years, research studies have validated certain testing techniques and have recommended modifications to some testing techniques. The examiners at APS keep current with research provided in the professional journals of the APA. They keep their skills sharp by attending the training provided by the APA at the yearly conferences.

The goal of the examiners in the offices of Accountability Polygraph Services is to provide each client with the most comprehensive understanding of the exam process and then ultimately provide an examination and report that is clear, accurate and timely.