Client Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

The services provided by Accountability Polygraph Services (APS) involve details of individual lives that are sensitive in nature. Clients purchasing the services of APS are entitled to have the confidence that the details of their cases will not be shared to anyone who is not authorized by that client to receive such case details.

Clients are hereby assured that the details of each individual case are stored in a secured computer system that is protected with the latest in firewall technology. Paper documents that pertain to each polygraph exam are kept in a secured file storage room and are maintained on file for a minimum of one (1) year or as required by law/standard. After such time has expired, all paper files are shredded by a bonded commercial shredding company that shreds all files on site. This event takes place in the fall of every year.

APS uses several types of authorization forms which allows for the identification of any individual or agency to receive information pertaining to a case. Each client will be asked to sign an authorization form in the presence of the examiner at the time of the exam. This authorization form explains clearly who will be receiving the results of the client’s polygraph.

In addition, the examiner has an analog/digital recording of all interactions between the examiner and the client. The recording captures the client and the examiner having a conversation about the signing of the authorization form and continues throughout the entire time the client is in the room with the examiner. This requirement provides assurance of safety for the client as well as for the examiner. If any technical problems preclude the recording of the examination, the examination is then rescheduled until such time as the technical difficulties are corrected.

Clients are instructed that the results of the examination will be shared with only the persons on the signed authorization form. Only private examinees will be shown their results of their examination before they leave. Persons required to take polygraphs for treatment/court cases are not given foreknowledge of their results and are instructed to contact the persons they have authorized to receive the polygraph results for an explanation of their results.

Private exam clients are informed that agents of APS will not discuss details of their exam with anyone who might call. Private exam clients who walk out of the APS office with exam results have the assurance that no matter who calls later, even the client, details of that exam will never be discussed over the phone. If a private exam client wishes more information, that client will need to schedule another office visit and show their proof of their identification.

APS is aware that the sharing of information pertaining to a client’s medication(s), in the course of an examination, could be in violation of the federal government’s HIPPA regulations. Therefore, all final examination reports refer only to the fact that medication information is on file and would only be released upon the signing of the proper release forms by the client or client’s guardian.

Each agent of Accountability Polygraph Services has a top priority to protect client confidentially.